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Voyages of Wonder - 'Conal Yellowclaw', 'The Hunger-Demon' and 'The Voyage of Maelduin'

These timeless Irish tales of travel also tell of the power of words to overcome great odds and the necessity of right action in a tight spot.

'Conal Yellowclaw' is a mini Irish Odyssey told in three tales within a frame tale.

'The Hunger Demon' is a poetic satire on gluttony and the greed of kings.

'The Voyage of Maelduin' is a surreal narrative of a fantastic voyage and a serious moral tale about the need for forgiveness and reconciliation.

‘The Voyage of Bran’ charts a legendary journey to the land of the Immortals.

The singing throughout is drawn from traditional melodies and is as integral to the telling as the sea is to a voyage or to the round world itself.

"What tales - these voyages will light my own for a long time."

"Totally enthralled, transported and just knocked out by wonderful storytelling."

“How utterly glad I was that I took that decision, to ask you though unheard, to our festival. It really was a journey of Wonder.”

Voyages of Wonder is suitable for adults and older children, and is a 2hr show with one interval.

We plan to add other voyages which may include ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ and ‘The Seven Voyages of Sindbad’.

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Michael and Wendy Dacre - Voyages of Wonder

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