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Devon and Westcountry folk tales

Living in Devon, we will always perform these tales and songs of the Westcountry, all of them site-specific stories rooted in the real landscapes of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or Dorset.

These counties are rich in stories and songs, often still being made - we were told a recent ghost story about a Somerset village, retold the story in that village and during the interval were shown the very house in which it happened. In Georgeham in North Devon a ghost sits on a stile and knits;

while just outside our own little town of North Tawton there is a large, circular hollow in a field called De Bathe Pool which fills up with water just before the death of a member of the royal family. It lies at the centre of an eery area, which also boasts a sacred grove (a woodhenge), a Roman station and a haunted crossroads.

Every field, stile, path, wood, hill, river and dwelling has a story or a song or a saying attached to it or did once, and we revel in telling them, celebrating the uniqueness of place and the numinous quality of the landscape to which we are connected.

2010 sees the publication by The History Press of Devonshire Folk Tales by Michael Dacre, illustrated in shadow pictures by Wendy. Send us an email from the contact page if you would like a copy.

Audience member about a story we'd just told : "You got it wrong! This is what happened......." And so we got a better tale!

"Do you know there is a fairy mound inside Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station?"

Each perfomance of Devon and/or Westcountry folk tales is designed especially for the place, time and audience. Often performances are in the form of story walks, or outside in special places, and can last from 1 - 2hrs or more.

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Tales of the West Country

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