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Robin Hood - his Life and Death told in words and song - four stories and a ballad

Tales of Robin Hood

Robin Hood & the Monk
Robin Hood & the Potter
Robin Hood & the Pedlar
Robin Hood & Guy of Gisborne/Robin Hood & Alan a Dale
Robin Hood’s Death

A Little Gest of Robin Hood - a complete show

These tales give the most vital and authentic account of the English outlaw - violent, earthy, humorous and tragic. This is the original ‘Robyn Hode’,mostly from the early ballads, and still the most exciting - not suitable for young children. Songs of the Greenwood wind in and out of the stories to create a vision in sound of Merrie England.

"Masterful!" - Ebbw Vale biker

"Always good, always enchanting. I love 'em!" - Nottingham Story Club

This Robin Hood is for adults and is a 2hr show with one interval.

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Robin Hood - photo from our show

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