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Norse Myths show

From creation to destruction and beyond - in one evening!
These epic stories follow the lives and adventures of the Northern Gods and Goddesses, and their archetypal war with the Giants, those elemental beings of primordial chaos.
In this retelling of four of the Norse myths we trace the god Loki from trickster to destroyer, from blood brother of Allfather Odin to the bringer of doom for all of the nine worlds.
This huge story is enhanced by powerful shadow illustrations which transport us through the hell of world’s end into a new Time.
The show includes 'The Terrible One's Horse', which was commissioned by the 'Beyond the Border' festival and is about Yggdrasil, the World Ash Tree and Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged horse.

Other stories from Norse Mythology that we also tell include:

Odin's Search for Wisdom & The Mead of Poetry

The Theft of Sif's Hair and the Treasures of the Gods

The Apples of Idun

Thor's Journey to Utgarth

Thor Goes Fishing

Thrym's Lay

These stories are part of our Northern, Saxon heritage and should be more widely known. They are powerful, archetypal, elemental and raw and at least as good as anything that came out of Greece.

"Michael's fine way with language and extensive preparation and research brings the most ancient and complex of tales to life in a way which enables his audience to truly engage with the story. Wendy's powerful singing, again authentic and carefully researched, brings a magical element to their performances which is missing from the work of many other storytellers who lack her musical talent."


Into A New Time is 2 hours long including an interval and must have a good blackout. It is suitable for adults and children of 10 years upwards.

A scene of this show is on our Shadow Theatre film.

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Norse Myths image - Thor, Loki, Odin, Balder, Ragnarok

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