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We often tailor-make a show, but these are our special programmes. Each show is set with one of Wendy's freestanding handcrafted backcloths, and we provide simple atmospheric lighting in venues where this is needed. Choose a show below to find out more details:

- Voyages of Wonder
- Robin Hood
- Beowulf
- The Haunted Inn (Saragossa Manuscript)
- The HUGE show
- Shadow puppet shows
- Into A New Time
- Devon and Westcountry Folk Tales
- The Sillies

“Whether they are telling a local anecdote or an ancient Norse myth, Michael and Wendy's performances combine erudition with accessiblity. Their love of language is infectious. I have seen them enthral toddlers, teenagers and university academics.
Their work is unique: admired and respected among the storytellers of Britain.”

Contact us for full details on any show or to buy a CD.

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