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Shadow Theatre title Michael & Wendy Dacre   
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Do watch our shadow theatre film, made for us by Max Sobol.

Explorations in Light and Shadow over 20 yrs

Shadow theatre is endlessly fascinating, subtle, and surprising. It is a very ancient artform, but infinitely adaptable to modern technology and invention whilst remaining refreshingly simple and tangible, as is storytelling, in this high tech age.

In the traditional shadow shows of Indonesia the Tree of Life always appears. It is a flat all-purpose piece of scenery. But it is said to have three sides: The Good, the Bad, and the Shadow side.

Shadows are on the borderland; they are born in the play of darkness and light; and can transform the mundane into the magical. They allow us to enter other worlds and speak to the soul.

Most things to make beautiful puppets and settings are found in my rubbish bin - card scraps, clear plastic packaging, ends of sacking, lace, ribbon, threads, string, wool, plastic bags, sweet papers and kebab sticks. Bicycle boxes and old sheets turn into theatres.

It is a transformatory art, for paradoxically you only ever see shadows, never what is casting them.

Shadow Theatre

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