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We use shadow theatre to illustrate some of our stories. The story is the main element here so these shows require both a storyteller and a puppeteer.

The simple puppets are mostly made of black card held against a screen lit from behind. Many use coloured translucent papers, lace and other textures, and so does the scenery, while lighting changes emphasise the mood.

In order to enjoy shadow theatre to the full a performance space that can be really well blacked out is essential. Many of our subtle lighting effects will not work without this, and shows will lose much of their magic. We prefer to do shows at the darker time of the year - they feel right then.

Rooms with high windows/skylights are not suitable at all. However if a space needs a bit of extra darkness we can bring some blackout cloths and tape with us. (We may require extra time, help and a ladder for setup!)

Workshops making shadow puppets can be combined with performances.

Shadow Theatre

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