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Oracy and Story Games (with Michael)

(These games can also be offered to other groups, such as adult storytelling clubs or any other corporate group.)

Using traditional stories - folktales, fairytales, myths and legends - Michael plays serious games with the children to increase the use of language, imagination and memory; to examine narrative structure, character creation and the dynamics of a story; to finish and make up stories; to work on description, pace and creating suspense; to brainstorm a story and learn to lie - creatively!

One such game is the 'Island Game', which draws whole classes into creating islands, treasures and dangers, together with heroes and heroines with fantastic powers, who have to combine talents in order to achieve the quest.

Storytelling is an intensely visual experience. As the storyteller tells the story, the listeners see the moving pictures of the story unfold in their mind’s eye. It is like watching a film; but it is more creative, for the listeners create the images themselves; and the more vividly the storyteller creates those images in his own head and the more skilfully he puts those images into words, the more vividly the listeners will see those images in their heads. It is a kind of magic but it works.

That is why Michael concentrates on visualisation, on creating vivid images in words and helping the children to create them too. Pictures in the head - that's what it's all about.

"Teaching has certainly lost a great deal of its original sparkle but for a few hours the magic had returned."

"When you told the ghost story, I could feel the moss between my toes."

Length of workshop: 1 hr....max no 1 class....age of participants 6-11, Schools can have up to 4 workshops in a day suited to the different age groups.


Michael usually performs stories at the beginning of a school day - half an hour for Key Stage 1 and forty-five minutes for Key Stage 2. This is to show the children what can be done with the medium and to inspire them. The stories range from simple Nursery Tales for Reception and Year 1 to quite long Arthurian Tales for Years 5 and 6. He is often asked simply to tell stories to each class throughout the day and that too can inspire the children with their own stories; but more often, after the morning performances, he goes on to provide storytelling workshops for individual classes, as described above.

For shows with shadows, needing both Michael and Wendy, please see the shadows page.

Michael Dacre

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