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New Year 2015


This year, Wendy is plotting a new HUGE collaborative costume drama venture, and more Transformation Crafting (working on story through craft ). All in the planning as yet. Michael is now recovering well from a really nasty leg infection, but it has been a long haul; so we are still not quite sure how much work we can take on - but -

Michael is very busy with his pirate novel – so less touring than in the past will not necessarily be a problem!


Michael and Steve are resurrecting the acclaimed

The Haunted Inn and other Weird Tales from the Saragossa Manuscript

Their first outing is a "StoryNight at Torriano Avenue" Extra for National Storytelling Week (99 Torriano Ave NW5 2RX ) on Sat 7 February 2015 at 8pm.

£8 incl drinks and sublime treats

In 2005 the guitarist Stephen Yates asked the storyteller Michael Dacre what they could do together. The answer was 'The Saragossa Manuscript', the story of a Belgian guards officer in Southern Spain in 1739. His adventures recall the '1001 Nights' in their complexity, ambiguity and narrative virtuosity. It proved to be an ideal combination of audacious storytelling and wicked guitar playing, which captivated audiences all over England, from Bodmin Moor to Hebden Bridge.

The most common response was: "When can we see it again?"

The answer to that is in 2015, when Michael and Stephen are taking this enigmatic and dangerous story on the road again, offering it for touring in the Netherlands, home ground to its hero, and round the UK. Catch it, see it, hear it - and be terminally intrigued!

You will meet (very) Moorish princesses, hanged men, and a host of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, gypsies and magicians not to mention bewitching serenades, foot-tapping Spanish dances and eerie sound effects that will send a shiver up your spine.

Horror, humour, high adventure and thrilling music mingle in this fantastic duet of wicked words and vituoso guitar playing.

Risky, weird and wonderful, hard-core storytelling"

"I got immediately drunk on the music and the atmosphere; the deep, sultry, sexual reds of the whole thing"

"It was the best thing I've ever seen"

"When can we see it again?"

Do come! And tell your friends! We’ll let you know where else it goes…..will definitely be in Devon soon.

All best wishes, Michael and Wendy.

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