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Although our giants may seem unique, Britain once had municipal giants.

Sadly, Christopher, (now in Salisbury Museum) is the only survivor of a medieval tradition. His modern copy walks on
St. George’s day, where he is sometimes joined by one or two of the scattering of modern British processional giants. But giants are big in Europe.We’ve been to giant festivals in France and Belgium and Bellever danced with 200 giants in Lille in 1999 when their two new legendary giants were christened. The new giants were necessary because a rival football team had set fire to the old ones.

Giant get-togethers are huge, joyful celebrations resounding with wild (and tame) music, food, drink and good cheer, with the giants provoking awe and laughter, and consolidating and personifying the pride of communities and the aspirations of common humanity. We wish to spread this spirit.

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