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On the shoulders of Odin, God of the North, perch the ravens, Thought and Memory, who tell him the stories they see and hear as they fly through the nine worlds. In other cultures Raven is Creator, Trickster and Tribal Totem, as well as Storyteller.

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About us

Michael Dacre has been at various times a graduate in English, a second-hand bookseller, an oral historian and playwright.
He was storyteller in residence at Beaford Arts Centre, has been telling full time since 1988, and has won the dubious Hodja Cup for Lying. Watch Dacre's spectacular lie.

His book of Devonshire Folktales published in 2010 reflects his love of rural Devon where he and Wendy have lived since 1977.

Wendy Dacre studied music at Dartington, is a trained teacher, and has always made all manner of things - huge tents and delicate paper, two-headed dragons and glittering story cloths, as well as singing.
She looks after a network of storytellers and runs yearly 'confabs'. Her family of Giants keeps growing.

Together we love telling and making stories with special needs groups, particularly those with learning difficulties and we continue to work extensively in Camphill Communities.

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